Furnace Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Furnace Sound Not To ignore

In the furnace repair world, there’s little more alarming, for a professional and for a homeowner, than strange furnace noises. An unsettling bang or clank can be a great sign of something going wrong and is frequently the precursor to a few serious repairs, if not a complete furnace replacement. The furnace sounds are something you must never ignore.

Other than a low-key hum, the furnace remains very quiet for most part. So if an odd noise pops up, then you know something is wrong. But how great of deal are the furnace sounds? Do they warrant repair call or an emergency repair? Find answers to all this and more below!

Furnace Noises to Listen For

Speaking generally, you should not ignore any furnace sounds. Why? Because they nearly always indicate component damages in one form or other. This is a big problem because damaged or loose parts in the system very frequently and very quickly result in more damages as the parts bang around and also force other parts to fail down. Left alone for very long, and you may end up with fully dead furnace in really short time period.

Keep an ear for the below warning sounds:

  • Clanks, rattles, and bangs: These are nearly always a damaged or loose moving part in the furnace. The noise you are hearing is damaged part clacking literally into other areas of your furnace, and now you can imagine kind of damages this can do. It is best to always shut off the heating system entirely and get immediate repair done.
  • Squealing, screeches, and squeaking: These frequently relate to the motor—a fan or belt in need of services. Out of all the sounds that you can encounter, it’s one among the least menacing one, as a fast maintenance or tune-up service can solve the issue fairly quickly. Don’t just let it left alone for very long!
  • Chirping and cyclic ticks: If you have just kicked the heating unit on for the very first time this winter season, you may hear a little of clicking and chirping. Give your unit a good couple of hours to “warm up” right from its hibernation. However, if the issue does not fade within a few hours, it is a great idea to contact a service expert. The problem probably is a simple misaligned belt or fan, but you don’t wish the problem to escalate certainly.
  • A loud boom: In case any noise equates to requiring an emergency repairs service, it’s a loud booming sound. You’re more probable to encounter this whenever you have older heating unit, and it is usually caused by delay in ignition of the gas furnace. This potentially is a serious danger, not just to the furnace/ heating unit, but to you as well as your home.
  • Fluttering: Fluttering is not exactly the ideal descriptive here, however it’s type of a difficult sound to replicate Whap? Thwap? In any case, it is often the debris caught in the fan. Try sticking some cardboard into the fan and you will get the idea.

Furnace Repair

The key to a good furnace repair service is a quick response. Needing repairs for your heating unit is like requiring repair a large tool or for a car. When you leave an issue alone, it becomes worse, and at times can spell a disaster.

This is why the professionals offer emergency heating unit repair services to ensure that you have access to care you need always. When you call Heating Kent for emergency repairs, they will have expertly-skilled and equipped technicians at your doorstep as quickly as possible!


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