Things You Should Check Before Calling A Furnace Repair Expert

Furnace Repair Expert

You cannot afford to have broken heating unit in your house – particularly during cold months of winter. What will you do if the furnace breaks or just don’t offer sufficient heat so as to keep you comfortable in your house? Below are pointers to check before deciding on contacting a furnace repair service company.

Check The Thermostat

It sounds very clear, but many home owners have actually made the mistake of having wrong thermostat setting on their furnace. Ensure that the thermostat of your furnace is set on HEAT. It’s the first thing you must look for when trying to troubleshoot yourself. Many times, the settings can be changed or moved accidentally – when you are cleaning around the home.

Check For Filter Problems

Failures related to filter are amongst the most popular furnace problems, mostly because the home owners frequently forget about it. The filter is intended to clean air which goes into the heating. unit and heated air which goes in the home. If it is dirty or clogged, airflow is compromised, and that leads to heat and pressure build-up in furnace.

Today, many new models are more sensitive and efficient to this issue – they will shut down automatically before a lot of dirt has collected, thus making you get it cleaned. However, older furnaces, will keep working – but with limited efficiency and less heat production.

Check the batteries

In most of the furnace models, thermostats are wired to house’s electrical system. But, a few furnaces utilize batteries instead. Find how your specific furnace is powered actually. If you utilize batteries, check out for low-battery indicator. In many cases, no furnace repairs are needed at all –a battery change only will do.

Check for the power problems

In relation to the above step, if your heating unit is working using electricity, check for thermostat fan switch. This says “AUTO” or “ON” usually. The AUTO setting implies that fan will switch on as quickly as the heating unit is turned on. Simply troubleshoot by turning ON the switch – if fan turns on, you can then rule out any problems related with power and move to other steps.

Check circuit breaker

If you still have not found what the issue is at this point, the next thing to look out is in your house’s breaker panel. Look for circuit that controls your furnace. See if it is in OFF position or is in middle. In a few home panels, you will see that switch shows red.

And in many cases, electricians do a poor job at the right labeling of your house’s appliances. In case you do not see furnace listed down, then look for switch which looks like it is in different position than others. Troubleshoot quickly by turning it off all the way, and turning it on back.

Check for “other” switch

Remember that the heating units have another switch usually – aptly called a furnace switch. It’s a power switch which resembles your general light switch. You may find it present on the unit only or on nearby wall. The switch is unlabeled often. If it is installed appropriately, if switch is in “up” position, it should be then ON. The bad thing is, in most cases than you would like, the switch can be installed improperly and turned off accidentally – or it can be mistaken simply as light switch. Go on and turn the switch on – give a few minutes to it– and see if your furnace comes back to life.


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